Wednesday, 8 February 2012

To run a pub to maximum efficiency you must be thoroughly organised.

This is my attempt to be organised, and to show to my staff that I am fully prepared and equipped to deal with all of the issues that might arise.
These are just the two brushes that we use to clean the glass washer machine before every shift. (I love Wilco's. Budget toothbrush for five pence.) But of course for anybody to see the real picture, they just have to take a quick glance into the office upstairs, to see this.

This is the usual state of affairs in the office, and indeed in my own head. Occasionally Hayley will do a big tidy, (and even more occasionally I shall myself,) but experience shows that this is what my office usually looks like. Personally I'm blaming the kitten. 

(And yes, I did forget to take the bottle bin out last night again, so we have to store them in the cellar for another week.)

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