Real Pubs.

There's sixty pubs on there now, so it's getting pretty useful for certain central areas, at least North of the river. If I have been rude about your pub, well you ought to make it better. 

This is an attempt to plot a full map of all of the pubs in the greater Bristol area, that serve at least one decent, microbrewery ale. I shall leave a few comments to describe each venue for the unknowing customer, along with a brief, typical list of ales usually available. Of course i'm leaving Wetherspoons off the list as they are shite. :)

If you would like to help me compile this map, please do contact me at luke.daniels (AT)

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  1. Luke, this is a brilliant idea. Other than just drinking in a pub then telling you it was alright, how do I go about putting comments and blue blobs on myself. And, why stop at Bristol. I know all the reliable places in Bristol, mostly. We need this map to be national. Maybe even international. Love your blog by the way. It makes for excellent reading.

  2. It's Joe from the Hillgrove by the way.

  3. Hi Joe. Thanks for the support, and I'm glad that you like the blog. For the minute I think that it's best to stick to Bristol and completely catalogue all of the pubs here that do at least one decent ale. After that we can widen the area. It would be great if you want to help me do this, although I'm not sure how I share the map currently. Just send me an email, and we'll see what we can do.

  4. Nothing in Southville? what about Tobacco Factory