Beer Heaven.

This is where the beers in my pub go when they die. Or when they run out at least. So basically this is a list of the cask ales that we have had on sale since we have opened. It's a bit like sticking the pump clips to the wall, as many pubs do, but with a LOT less damage to the wallpaper. (arrgh !!) (The previous Landlord used to do this, but he used 84 different types of glue to do so, so when we had to remove them, we never knew what to expect. Hence the many rips in the wallpaper, which now let through the damp and discolour the new paint. It turns out that the most recent layer of wallpaper is all that is stopping the damp coming through. So don't be tempted to ever stick pumps clips to the walls of your pub. It's old hat and clich├ęd these days anyway. Get some proper decorations. From a charity shop. Like I did)

Beers with an * marked, caused me a significant hangover.

Brentford Brewing Company; Boston Brown Ale, 4.4%
Bath Ales; Golden Hare, 4.4%
Box Steam; Golden Bolt, 3.8%
Jollyboat Brewing; Plunder, 4.8%
East London Brewing Company; Nightwatchman, 4.5%
Dawkins; Chocadee, 4.9%
Devilfish; Apachi, 5%
Exmoor; Stag, 5.2%
Ascot Ales; Red Ipa, 5.5%
Redemption; Hopspur, 4.5%
West Berkshire Brewing Company; Mr Chubbs Lunchtime Bitter, 3.7%
Thornbridge; Brother Rabbit, 4%
Stonehenge Ales; Sign of Spring, 4.6%
Geeves; Bowhauler, 4.1%
Dawkins; Pacific IPA, 5.5%
Ascot Ales; Posh Pooch, 4.2%

Ashley Down Brewery; Vanguard, 3.9%
Glastonbury Ales, Hedgemonkey, 4.6%
Acorn Brewery; Yorkshire Pride, 3.7%
Box Steam Brewery, Chuffin' Ale, 4%
Ashley Down Brewery; Best, 4.2%
Exmoor Ales; Ale, 3.8%
Redemption Brewing Company; Urban Dusk, 4.6%
Moor Beer; Revival, 3.8%
Dark Star; Revelation, 5.7%
Ascot Ales; Penguin Porter, 4.5%
The Orkney Brewery; Nimbus, 5%
Gloucester Brewery; Dockside Dark, 5.2%
Moor Beer; Amoor, 4.5%
Bath Ales; Barnstormer, 4.5%
* Blue Monkey; Guerilla, 5%
Celt Experience; Native Storm, 4.4%
Tim Taylor; Best, 4%
** Moor Beer; Sloe Walker, 7.4%
** Redemption Brewing Company; Big Chief IPA, 5.5%
Three Castles; Barbury Castle, 3.9%
 * Glastonbury Ales; Thriller, Cappuccino Porter, 5%
Otley; O4 Columbo, 4%
Hopping Mad; Brainstorm, 4.3%
Yeovil Ales; Ruby, 4.5%
Teignworthy; Neap Tide, 3.8%
Newmans; Dr Price's Super Hop, 4.5%
Cotswold Spring; Old Sodbury Mild, 3.9%
 *Wye Valley; Dorothy Goodbody's Wholesome Stout, 4.6%
Cotswold Spring; Codrington Codger, 4.2%
Exmoor Ales; Fox, 4.2%
Moor Beer; Illusion, 4.5%
Dawkins; Green Bullet, 4.2%
Glastonbury Ales; Mystery Tor, 3.8%
GWB; Edwin's Ruby Porter, 5.2%
Wye Valley; Bitter, 3.7%
Yeovil Ales; Stout Hearted, 4.3%
Ramsbury Brewery; Gold, 4.5%
Teignworthy; Gun Dog, 4.3%
RCH; PG Steam, 3.9%
Dawkins; Sixty Six, 4%
Moor; Revival, 3.8%
Oakleaf Brewery; I Can't Believe It's Not Bitter, 4.9%
* Arbor Ales; Slack Jawed Yokel, 5.5%
Celt Experience; Dark Age, 4%
Plain Ales; Inncognito, 4.8%
GWB; Maiden Voyage, 4%
Otley; Oxymoron, 5.5%
Ramsbury Brewery; Flint Knapper, 4.2%
Moor Beer; Nor'Hop, 4.1%
Cheddar Ales; Bitter Bully, 3.8%
Cotswold Spring; Vixen, 4.8%
* Dark Star; Winter Meltdown, 5%
Glastonbury Ales; Golden Chalice, 4.8%
Teignworthy; Russian Imperial Porter, 13%
GWB; Hambrook Pale Ale, 4%
Cotswold Spring; Guv'nor, 4.6%
Titanic; White Star, 4.8%
Celt Experience; Golden, 4.2%
Oakleaf Brewery; Pompey Royal, 4.5%
Dawkins; Bob Wall, 4.2%
RCH; Pitchfork, 4.3%
Ascot Ales; Red IPA, 5.5%
Dark Star; Smoked Porter, 5.4%
Teignworthy; Martha's Mild, 5.3%
Plain Ales; Innocence, 4%
Cheddar Ales; Gorge Best, 4%
Arbor Ales; Marynka, 4%
Crouch Vale; Amarillo, 5%
Wye Valley; Butty Bach, 4.5%
RCH; East Street Cream, 5%
Tim Taylor; Landlord, 4.3%