Saturday, 14 January 2012

Before and After.

Now that we have been open for a month or so, I should really attempt to show people some of the difference between how I found the building, and what we have done to it. I did methodically take a series of photo's from specific points, when I first took the keys, in October, so that I could highlight the difference with exact before and after pics. But, of course I'm highly disorganised with a memory like a goldfish, and I must have forgotten where I was stood. In due course I shall post many more of the before and after pics, if I can, but for the moment I shall just post these two pics up.

 Pretty much everything has changed. We took all of those sad looking pump clips off the walls, (more about that later. Much more.), changed the weird seat in the alcove into the place where the record deck now lives, and lit it properly. Threw that horrible fake Bristol Heritage Pubs poster away, that you can see on the far wall. Obviously we have painted the walls of the pub what I like to call 'Light Terracotta', but as you can see, is actually pink. And we hung some sexy wallpaper, which has gone down considerably better than I thought it would. The photo in the oval frame is something that I picked up for a song, from a Clifton antique shop, called 'Focus On The Past', as is looking up Bristol High Street, somewhere near the turn of the century. Mr Hitler put paid to all the buildings on te right, sometime in 1940, but most of the rest is still around. I painted the pillar with magnetic blackboard paint, and this is where the now famous Rules of My Pub reside. 


  1. Like it. You've remained true to the spirit of the Bag'O but made it lighter, and more relaxing. The turntable is a great idea, good choice of records too! Big thumbs up for the wallpaper, really nice idea and very much in keeping with the atmosphere the Bag'O Nails evokes.

    Good luck, I'll definitely try and make the trip each Friday lunchtime!

  2. Thanks very much mate. You never know, we might be able to dig out some bread and cheese for you and your friends to sustain yourselves on one of these days. Luke.