Thursday, 16 February 2012

Moor, Sloe Walker. 7.4%

This picture shows the very last half pint of the delicious Sloe Walker, from the excellent Moor Beer company. I think that it was quite apt and I'm quite glad that I was able to grab the last drop of the barrel for myself. In my opinion the Sloe Freddie has been the best cask ale that we have sold in the pub thus far. At nearly seven and a half percent, this beer certainly packed a hefty punch, but it was brewed with such smoothness, that you had no difficulty drinking three or four pints of it. But it had such richness of flavour that you didn't forget it's strength, and so it never had the dangers associated with some of the fine Belgian beers. For this beer, Moor adapted their fine and well established recipe of Freddie Walker, and added many fresh sloe berries to the mixture. The bitterness of the sloes combine exceedingly well with the natural sweetness of such a strong porter and produces a very well balanced ale indeed. 
I was lucky to get a firkin of this beer, as they had only brewed enough to fill ten firkins this year. I very much doubt if I will be able to sell it for another year, (a firkin holds around seventy pints.) I was worried that I would be able to sell all of these within the five or six days that a strong beer such as this would stay at it's best. It sold out in under three days. 
sincerely suggest that you contact the brewery and try to track down where the other nine casks are. You might find one near to yourself. 

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