Monday, 13 February 2012

Malcolm. First Blood, Part One.

I clearly have not spoken about the most popular thing in my pub enough in this Blog. This is of course Malcolm the Guard Kitten. Like all kittens, he reverts from fluffy ball of affection to fluffy bag of claws and teeth in a micro second, and back again. yesterday he drew his first blood proper, fortunately on my hand, not on a customers. A nice young lady was giving him the required amount of fuss, in his mango box, when he started to get playful. I thought that I ought to demonstrate his vicious streak to her in person, which I did by attacking his belly. As usual he attacked with all five sharp bits of his body, but this time, I couldn't easily detach myself. I lifted up my hand, and a determined killer was still attached. Malcolm is just over four months old now and looking more like a proper cat every day. This week, he is getting chipped, and then we are going to cut out a cat flap, so that he can take his aggression out onto Brandon Hill and it's residents. It might just make for a slightly more mellow pub.  


  1. I hope Malcolm is being chipped and chopped. Especially if he can come and go as he pleases.

  2. Malcolm has been chipped, but not chopped yet. It's probably inevitable at some point, given his total fearlessness, and occasional stupidity. Yesterday he decided to approach a greyhound and boff him on the nose, with predictable results.